Our People

Our Faculty

At the forefront of education and knowledge.

The Academy's faculty consists of leading scholar-educators who have a passion for educating students while themselves pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Faculty members hold degrees from countless prestigious universities, and some have even served on their faculties.

Nurturing and mentoring both inside and outside the classroom sits front and centre for all faculty, whether they are teaching faculty or support faculty. Most faculty members take on additional roles at the Academy to advise and support students with several living on the Academy grounds to serve as head of one of the four houses.

Information on academic positions is not available at this time.

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Our Students

Redefining learning.

Auburn Academy's students push the boundaries of what it means to be a student every day. Always exploring, creating, doing, the Academy is never a dull place with their contributions to Academy life and culture. Our students are extraordinary in so many ways. They excel in the classroom and also outside of it. They are the leaders and visionaries of tomorrow.

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Our Alumni

Making the world a better place.

The alumni of Auburn Academy truly make a difference. They work to combat inequality and serve humanity every day whether they are students at a university, leading a non-profit organisation, or volunteering in their free time.

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Our Staff

Pursuing excellence.

As the backbone of the Academy, our staff is instrumental in providing the unparalleled education offered by the Academy. They work tirelessly to ensure that our grounds and buildings are beautiful, inspiring, clean, and functional. They feed students, support them, serve as advisors, and provide a nurturing community. They keep the cogs moving at the Academy, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Employment information is not available at this time.

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Our Leadership


President of the Academy

Instructor of Biology, Dept. of Science

Affiliated faculty, Dept. of Music

Office of the President3202 Administration Building



Office of the Provost3201 Administration Building


Executive Vice President

Office of the Executive Vice President3101 Administration Building


Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs

Office of the Vice President for Communications and Public AffairsAdministration Building


Vice President for Facilities and Academy Architect

Office of the Vice President for FacilitiesAdministration Building


Vice President for Finance and Treasurer

Office of the Vice President for FinanceAdministration Building


Vice President for Human Resources

Office of the Vice President for Human ResourcesAdministration Building


Vice President for Information Technology

Office of the Vice President for Information TechnologyAdministration Building


Vice President for Student Life and Academy Services

Office of the Vice President for Student Life and Academy ServicesAdministration Building


Dean of the Preparatory School

Office of the Dean of the Preparatory SchoolAdministration Building


Dean of Junior Programmes

Office of the Dean of Junior ProgramsHarmony Hall


Dean of Research and Innovation

Office of the Dean of Research and InnovationScience Centre


Dean of the Faculty

Office of the Dean of the FacultyMemorial Hall


Dean of Admission

Office of AdmissionAdministration Building


Director of Financial Aid

Office of Financial AidAdministration Building


Academy Librarian and Dean of Libraries

Office of the Academy LibrarianCentral Library Building


President of the Auburn Academy Investment Company

Auburn Academy Investment CompanyBank of Auburn