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Auburn Academy calls the town of Auburn in Ward 5 home. Located on the shore of Heart Lake, our grounds are well-known for their beauty.


Part of the Academy's charm is its removal from the distractions of the remainder of the world. Despite this, there are still several ways to travel to Auburn.

By train

Auburn is served by the MRT Southern Line and FLR Line R1 at Auburn Station, just outside the Academy's main entrance.

By plane

Many airlines serve Auburn Airport (ABN) from various air facilities. The Auburn Underground District line serves the airport and can be ridden to Roundabout station, which is within walking distance of the Academy's main entrance. Visitors can also opt to transfer to the eastbound Metropolitan line at Roundabout station, alighting at Civic Centre station and exiting from FLR's Auburn Station building, across a plaza from the main entrance to the Academy

By boat

The town of Auburn sits between Heart Lake and Lake 13, with IntraSail serving the town at Auburn Marina on Lake 13. The eastbound Metropolitan line on the Auburn Underground serves the Marina and can be taken to Civic Centre station, which is the nearest station to the Academy.

By car

Car use in Auburn is heavily restricted, but individuals with valid needs for a private vehicle should contact the Academy's Transportation and Parking Services as far in advance of their visit as possible to make arrangements. Those driving to Auburn must park at Auburn Airport and use Transport for Auburn services within the town.

Visiting for a performing or visual arts event

Most visual and performing arts events occur at the Fine Arts Quadrangle. The nearest Auburn Underground station is Delta Park. From the station, visitors should head south along Auburn Road East and turn left on Faculty Road to enter through the Faculty Road entrance. The Fine Arts Quadrangle will be straight on.

Visiting for an athletics event

The vast majority of athletics events occur at the Athletics Complex, which is served by Stadium station on the Underground.


Tours & information sessions

The Office of Admission hosts tours and information sessions throughout the year.